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For an appointment at one of our DSD-TRN clinics:


Phoenix Children's Hospital, Phoenix, AZ:

                                        Call DSD clinic coordinator Janett Hernandez at 602-254-5561.


University of California, Los Angeles (Westwood campus):

                                         Call UGEP clinic genetic counselor Andrea HENDERSHOT at (310) 206-6581

University of California, San Francisco (Beninoff Children's Hospital):

                                        Call the Disorders of Sex Development Clinic at (415) 353-2200


University of Michigan in Ann Arbor (C.S. Mott Children's Hospital): 

                                         Call DSD clinic coordinator Lauren Mohnach at (734) 232-0436



Washinton University - St Louis Children's Hospital

                                         Address: One Children's Place, Suite 2A (Urology), St Louis MO 63310. Please call the          

                                         direct line 1-800-678-HELP(4573) then request a transfer to the Urology Office. 

                                        Fax: 314-454-6225



Cohen Children's Hospital (North Shore, Long Island)

                                           Contact the PURE program at 516-472-3726 or PUREprogram@nshs.edu



Cincinnati Children's Hospital:

                                       Contact The DSD Center @ CCHMC either by email at 4DSD@cchmc.org

                                       or by calling clinic coordinator Kimberly Kennedy at (513) 803-4373.



Seattle Children's Hospital (University of Washington):

                                         Call the Disorders of Sex Development Care team at (206) 987-2663.


National Children's Hospital:
                                           Contact Disorder of Sex Development Clinic coordinator Tammy Middleton-Walker by email  
                                            at TMwalker@childrensnational.org. The clinic can also be reached at (202) 476-4187.


For more information on each clinical team, click on the appropriate link in the Clinical Sites Links box on the right.

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